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When The Truth Runs Out (3rd version) - Stuart PearsonArtist Name
00:00 / 04:39

When The Truth Runs Out: this is the third version of a song that was an early entry for "American Gothic", then became an early deletion from the original order. Although I think it's a worthy track, the concept of the album kept changing and it eventually became a friend who sleeps on your couch but doesn’t pay rent. Maybe I made a mistake keeping it off.  It has a somewhat lysergic feel and mix, a certain “Sonic Youth doing Americana” character with the feedback and plucked strings (behind the bridge and behind the nut on several different guitars). Anyway, it’s a rough mix, but I hope you like it!

11 I'm Taking You Down
00:00 / 03:22

I'm Taking You Down:  this is a Hunter song. I was looking for something dark and she went immediately to Vampire. Can you blame her? I don't. For a while, this would have followed "3 Feet From A Vein" on the album. There are three versions of this song. This is the original and probably the best. 

Stuart Pearson - I Still Believe In You (newer)
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I Still Believe In You: at one point I wanted a pretty song to show some vulnerability after some of the angry, aggressive tracks on "American Gothic". I really do love America, however, with the cost of living rising constantly and Hunter and I looking for more exotic localities, we took a trip to Portugal. One day Hunter took a river cruise with a friend and I wandered the streets of Porto alone. I ended up on a hill overlooking the Douro River and the lyrics to this song arrived. Looking out over the water, I felt very far away from my home country - not geographically, but emotionally, like a lover suddenly leaving without a feeling of closure. This song never received a final vocal and would have been just guitar for accompaniment.

It's Lonely Inside Your Mind
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It's Lonely Inside Your Mind: this one just barely got cut from the final order for "American Gothic". That voice in your head wants to find a more fulfilling life. Will you let it go?

Now We Kiss - Stuart Pearson
00:00 / 03:19

Now We Kiss:  This song was one of three written and completed in one very busy weekend to fulfill a request for some psychedelic tracks from a music supervisor. Creepy, even for me! The other two songs were "I'm Taking You Down" written by Hunter and "We'll Meet Again" which ended up on "American Gothic".

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